Dan & Tracy Dinsmore to Belize

Dan and Tracy Dinsmore, along with their three children, will be starting deputation in the new year to raise support to move to Belize as missionaries.

They are sent out of Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie, Ontario and have been faithful in many areas of ministry in their home church and outside as well.
Brother Dan was saved in his early teens and accepted the Lord’s call on his life  to preach during a spring revival conference. Since then, he has always looked for areas to serve the Lord. God opened many doors which allowed him to learn and grow. Brother Dan has a willing heart and is always ready to help wherever there is a need.
Tracy is a wonderful and godly lady, who faithfully serves in various ministries of her home church. She served as secretary of Baptist Church Planting Ministries. 
In Spring of 2015, Brother Dan went to Belize with C.L.A.I.M. It was there that the Lord burdened his heart to reach the people in Belize with the Gospel. Little did he know that God was also working on his wife’s heart during that same time. Once he returned home, they both realized that the Lord was calling them to Belize as missionaries. Brother Dan and Tracy are eagerly looking forward to returning to Belize.


Marco & Patricia Paulichen to Uruguay 

Marco grew up in Calgary, Alberta, the youngest child of an Argentine mother and Uruguayan father. As a result of his parent’s upbringing, he grew up speaking Spanish as his first language. He trusted Christ as his Saviour at an early age and surrendered to preach in 2002. In 2006, he surrendered to serve in full-time missions. God called him specifically to Uruguay in 2013 at a missions conference. Marco has since completed his Bachelor of Theology degree in missions at Canadian Baptist Bible College. 


Tricia was born into a home where God was not known, but accepted Christ as her Saviour in 1998. It was Marco himself, whom the Lord used to lead Tricia to Himself. They were married the following year. In 2001, Tricia surrendered to full-time service and has also since then attended Canadian Baptist Bible College.


In 2009 the Paulichen family had the privilege of traveling to South America. They had already surrendered to serve the Lord in full-time missions in 2006, but were not yet sure of the exact country. While in South America they visited approximately 30 churches seeking the Lord’s will for their family. The Lord confirmed to them that they were in the field of the Lord’s choosing.


They were especially struck with the lack of churches in the interior of Uruguay. It was shortly after that their family began to pray about a specific location the Lord laid on their hearts—the city of Salto.


They are presently serving in pre-field minsitry as they prepare to serve the Lord in the exiciting mission field of Uruguay.  


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